Thomas Kilian

Khaldor is a true veteran of the Esports-scene. He started casting in 2002 and combines both commentator roles of analyst and entertainer like no one else.
With more than 15 years of experience, his career has brought Khaldor all over the globe casting the most prestigious events in Esports, including three years in Korea and two years in the United States.



As the founder of Back2Warcraft, the Chosen One lives Warcraft with every inch of his body and soul and has been a major part of the community since he joined ESL-Radio in 2008. His Play-by-Play commentary is filled with honest intensity and heartfelt emotions, backed up by an extraordinary knowledge about the history of the game and the players themselves.

To rebuild and reclaim Warcraft’s spot on the vast map that is today’s Esports landscape, Neo is also working on a lot of different projects as an editor and consultant such as RocketbeansTV, and Liquipedia. Even if this results in sleepless nights, he’ll be there for you, for the love we share, for Warcraft.



Remo applied for a spot in the ESL-Radio team shortly after Neo and never left his side since then. His unique ability to combine Play-by-Play and Color Commentary makes him the most versatile part of Back2Warcraft as he’s able to carry a cast on his own, join in as an analyst or simply bring the hype into a cast with a pro-player.

This goes hand in hand with his jolly personality, so if there’s a break between games – you better be lucky and have Remo on stream to provide some quality story time! “Just remo things” became a well-known saying for a reason.

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