Ryzing Star Cup


  1. General
    1. Signups and Tournament System
      1. Ryzing Star Cup is a weekly 1v1 single elimination tournament.
      2. Players can sign up for the upcoming tournament by following the Challonge Community here.This tournament is open to all players regardless of region, but the default host will be Europe if one can’t be agreed upon.
      3. Check-ins will open an hour before the tournament starts. You must check-in if you wish to participate in the tournament.
      4. If your opponent fails to show within 15 minutes of the start of the tournament, contact an admin on the Ryzing Star Cup Discord.
      5. Players meet in the channel “Clan B2W” on the European server
      6. Smurf accounts are not allowed. If you have an account name that you’re known by, you should be playing under that name.
    2. Weekly Prizes
      1. Each Ryzing Star Cup tournament will pay out $100 to the first place winner.
      2. Each Ryzing Star Cup tournament will pay out $50 to the second place
    3. Finals Prizes
      1. 1st – 1000 Euro
      2. 2nd – 500 Euro
      3. 3rd – 350 Euro
      4. 4th – 250 Euro
  2. Participants
    1. Players must own a legal copy of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and be able to use Players will be called participant in the following.
  3. Referees
    1. Everybody who has been authorized by Back2Warcraft to administrate the Ryzing Star Cups based on its rules and regulations will be called a referee in the following.
    2. The head admins are:
      1. NuhiroMasuda
    3. The referees are:
      1. suuN
      2. madismad
      3. LinoBSC
      4. XanderDorn
      5. Bidoux
      6. floss2xdaily
      7. Gascan
      8. Shorty
      9. NeSH
      10. steiLz
      11. Mantalo
    4. Referees are recognizable by wearing a “RYZING” tag in front of their name and by being part of Clan B2W
  4. Commitments
    1. Every participant agrees to be available during the day in which the cup takes place. Leaving the competition without getting an allowance of one of the above mentioned referees may result in a ban from future tournaments.
    2. By attending Ryzing Star Cup, participants agree without reservations to comply with the rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by the referees of the Ryzing Star Cup. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the referees. Any decisions made may overrule the following rules and regulations to maintain the spirit of competition. Participants have to obey the instructions made by the referees at all times.
    3. Every participant acknowledges the right of Back2Warcraft & the head admins to modify these rules and regulations at any given time and without prior notice.
    4. Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards the referees and the other participants won’t be tolerated and might be punished with a warning or an immediate disqualification.
    5. Players may lose parts of their achieved prizes or even their whole achieved prizes in case they don’t show the appropriate sportsmanship.
    6. In the case of a disqualification, all achieved prizes are lost.
    7. Participants need to be at least 14 years old.
  5. Game Account
    1. Every participant is required to share the WarCraft III account that is used to participate in the Ryzing Star Cup.
    2. By attending the Ryzing Star Cup, all participants agree to their game accounts being visible to third parties.
    3. By attending the Ryzing Star Cup, all participants must share their real name, age, country and an up to date photo in broadcastable quality with the organizers
    4. Judgement on the picture quality belongs to Back2Warcraft & the head admins.
  6. Competition Format
    1. Single Elimination
    2. Early Rounds: Best-of-One Quarterfinals: Best-of-Three Semifinals: Best-of-Three Grand Final: Best-of-Five
    3. Schedule: Every Saturday, 17.00 CET
  7. Match Regulations
    1. Game Settings
      1. All games are supposed to be played on the European server as long as the conditions are stable and fair.
      2. All games are supposed to be played on the latest patch.
      3. The match settings have to meet the following requirements:
        1. Game Speed: Fast
        2. Lock Teams: Yes
        3. Random Races: No
        4. Random Hero: No
        5. Observers: Full Observer
        6. Visibility: Default
        7. Handicap: 100%
      4. If the game is broadcasted, the casters are permitted
      5. to force the players to use red, blue or yellow as player colors.
      6. The player mentioned first in the grid has to pick red.
    2. Hosting
      1. Early rounds can be hosted by the players themselves
      2. Exception: If B2W decides to broadcast the match, a referee will host the match
      3. Beginning from quarterfinals, games will be hosted by one of the Ryzing Star Cup referees
      4. Games will be hosted on the hostlocation according to the tournaments region.
        1. Contact a referee if a dispute needs to be settled
        2. Exceptions to this rule would be if there is an acceptable midpoint host
      5. If players host their own match in the later rounds without knowledge or permission of an official referee, the result will not be accepted and the game has to be replayed.
      6. Referees are only allowed to start matches if both participants are ready.
      7. Referees and players have to make sure that the correct map is hosted. A protest after the match has been played for more than one minute is void.
      8. If one of the participants experiences temporary difficulties during a match, the participant has to communicate this to the opponent by taking a timeout.
      9. If the problem is not fixable without leaving the game, it’s up to the referee to decide on how to proceed.
    3. Map Pool & Map Voting
      1. The map pool for all Qualifiers contains the following maps
        1. Amazonia
        2. Concealed Hill
        3. Echo Isles
        4. Last Refuge
        5. Northern Isles
        6. Terenas Stand_LV
        7. Twisted Meadows
      2. Players have to decide on a race before the veto process starts. “Random” counts as a race as well.
        1. If a player chooses “Random” and the map has to be replayed, the player is forced to use the race he received before.
      3. Map vetoes will be made before the match starts.
        1. For a Best-Of-1, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only one remains (A-B-B-A-A-B). The remaining map will be played. The participant mentioned first in the grid starts with the procedure.
        2. For a Best-Of-3, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only three remain (A-B-B-A). Both participants pick one map until only one remains (A-B). The remaining map is determined as the starting map.
        3. For a Best-Of-5, both participants alternately eliminate one map until only five remain (A-B). Both participants pick two maps until only one remains (B-A-A-B). The remaining map is determined as the starting map.
      4. A map may only be played once during each match.
      5. Vetoes and Picks must be told to the official broadcasters if asked.
    4. Match Results
      1. After finishing a match, the loser has to confirm their loss.
    5. Replays
      1. After finishing a match, the winner has to upload all replays to the tournament homepage or share them with the referees directly.
    6. Disconnects
      1. In the event of a disconnect during the first four minutes of the match, the game will be restarted if there was no contact yet between the participants. The participants have to call a referee if the problem occurs frequently.
      2. If a participant disconnects after the fourth minute has passed, it is up to the opponent whether the match will be restarted or not. A referee needs to be informed no matter the decision!
        1. If the disconnected participant was clearly winning the match, the replay needs to be sent to a referee who will then decide whether the match has to be restarted or not.
        2. In case of a rematch the participants have to choose the same races they picked in the initial match. If a participant chose random races, the same race has to be picked which was randomized in the initial match.
    7. Default Wins
      1. Under the following circumstances a participant is allowed to claim a default win by contacting a referee.
        1. The opponent didn’t show up until 15 minutes after the match has been scheduled by the organisers. Under certain circumstances and in order to ensure fair play, the referees are allowed to increase/decrease the deadline of 15 minutes.
  8. Coverage
    1. No observers are permitted, even if both participants agree.
    2. Referees, official broadcasting partners (video streams) and coverage partners are always allowed to observe a match.
    3. Video streams have to set up with a delay of at least one minute.
    4. Players are allowed to stream their own games with a delay of at least one minute.
    5. Streams other than Ryzing Star Cup official broadcasting partners are not permitted to cover the tournament at all.
    6. Official Streamers’ list:
      1. Back2Warcraft
      2. Wanderbraun
  9. Cheats & Bans
    1. The use of cheats, hacks, third-party tools, smurfing or any violations against rule 5.b are strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the Ryzing Star Cup.
    2. It is forbidden to watch or to listen to any sort of broadcast of your own matches while the match is still underway.
    3. The head admins reserve the right to ban participants from the Ryzing Star Cup if they have been banned from other leagues or tournaments for cheating or unfair behaviour. Any kind of unmannered behavior (insulting, profanity etc.) will cause a ban as per referee’s decision at any stage of the tournament.
    4. Technical lose can be given for abusing ingamebugs. Decisions are made by the head admins
      1. For example:
        1. infinite invulnerability (during teleportation and cancellation of teleport to a moving Tree of Life)
        2. staffing of the Goblin Zeppelin by the hero with this hero jumping inside of zeppelin
        3. The participant has the right to take a break in the game for up to 5 minutes. If the pause is prolonged, the opponent has the right to call for the techwin by referee’s decision. Participants who have qualified for the final may take a break for 15 minutes before the first game. The following breaks between games are no more than 5 minutes.
  10. Rule Violation & Punishment
    1. Any breach of the rules may be punished with a default loss or disqualification from the Ryzing Star Cups.
  11. Legal Process
    1. Legal proceedings are not permitted.
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